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Interface Magazine
April, 2015
April 2015 Interface Magazine

test | Triad-Orbit microfoonstandaards

Dutch magazine, has featured Triad‑Orbit in a rare article (for them.) A Magazine that usually focuses on high end studio gear, synthesizers and audio gear; they were taken aback by their own reaction to our stands.

“Never in my life did I think I would be reviewing mic stands. The T‑O stands however are so special that they can tell a whole new story.”

“For every application and (unusual) situation T‑O have found an answer.“

“A great microphone deserves a great, sturdy stand and Triad‑Orbit’s are terrific.”

Author: Marnix Bosman, Read the article here. Subscribe to Interface here.

Music Trades Magazine
February, 2015
February 2015 Music Trades Magazine

Triad-Orbit Stands Redefine Quality Standards

Some innovations seem to come from out of nowhere. The greater their break from long-observed convention, the greater our surprise. To fully appreciate the design elegance and engineering brilliance of Access Products Group’s Triad-Orbit stands and accessories line, try one. Work its articulated adjustments, fit it where other stands falter, and all will be obvious. But to grasp the real cost of originality and staking a claim in a teeming marketplace, peel back the purposely preserved obscurity of the line’s OEM origins. Reveal the vision, talent, and tireless diligence that coalesced over decades to make its invention possible. Such products’ long journey from “nowhere” may reflect the best of what our industry has to more

Tape Op Magazine
November 15, 2014
February 2015 Music Trades Magazine

Advanced Stands Systems

Triad-Orbit is a new brand of professional microphone stands from Access Products Group, a company that has been designing and producing products for other market leaders for over twenty years. The Triad-Orbit catalog includes Triad stands, Orbit booms, and Micro mic adapters - all clean-slate designs.

The Triad stands are my favorite part of this line-up. They come in three sizes - T1 through T3 - with a smaller Mini promised for future release. From a distance, they look like a regular mic stand, but up close, the details jump more

Xound Magazine
November, 2014
Xound Magazine Test of Triad-Orbit

The November/December issue of German magazine: XOUND ( features a nice multi-page Triad-Orbit review. You can view it here as a PDF.

In addition to standard circulation, XOUND magazine is also available free-of-charge for customers of “Just Music” and “Session Music” – the two biggest pro-audio retail-chains in Germany.

Translated: "With it's unique stand-concept Triad-Orbit should usher in a new era. The concept is extremely well thought out and provides "never-before-seen" developments in flexibility for practical use. Besides all of the innovative features, the tripods are very robust and therefore likely suitable for tour use. Triad-Orbit is priced in the range of other professional tripods, and are definitely worth the money. I'm sure that many Triad-Orbit users will be inspired - probably even their competitors."
Author: Hague Schmitz

Prosound Network
October 28, 2014
2014 Pro Audio Review Innovative Products Nominee

2014 Innovative Products Awards—Vote Now!

This first-annual 2014 Mix and Pro Audio Review Innovative Products Awards honors electronic and mechanical innovation across the full range of Pro Audio products, voted by the readerships of NewBay Media’s Pro Audio titles—Mix, Pro Audio Review and Pro Sound News magazines.

Triad-Orbit has been nominated in the Microphone/wireless/accessories category: read more about ithere, find the link to the ballot and then vote!

Blake Shelton on the Voice
Triad-Orbit Stand Systems Make the Finals of The Voice.
May 21, 2014

The unique silhouette of Triad-Orbit stand systems took center stage on the final episodes of NBC’s hit program, The Voice.

On Monday night, May 19th, Country superstar Blake Shelton joined his teammate, Season Six finalist, Jake Worthington, on Hank Williams, Jr.’s 1982 classic, ‘A Country Boy Can Survive.’ Shelton performed seated, strumming his acoustic guitar, with his Sennhieser wireless vocal mic solidly suspended by a T-O T2/O1 stand system. Watch the video.

Ed Sheeran and Christina Grimmie on the Voice

On Tuesday evening’s finale, Team Adam (Levine) standout, Christina Grimme, joined British pop sensation, Ed Sheeran, to perform his latest release, “All The Stars’. The Voice production staff employed a T-O T3/O2 stand system to anchor their duet. Later, Team Blake’s Jake Worthington joined Country Hall of Famers, Alabama, for a rousing rendition of their signature song, ‘Mountain Music’. Alabama lead singer, Randy Owen, used a T-O T2/O1 stand system for the performance. Watch the videos: Ed Sheeran & Christina Grimme / Alabama & Jake Worthington.

“There’s no mistaking Triad-Orbit stand systems with any other ordinary mic stands,”Alabama and Jake Worthington on the Voicesaid Marty Harrison of ACCESS Products Group, parent company of Triad-Orbit. “The Triad-Orbit T2/O1 stand systems that Blake and Randy used redefine tripod/boom mic stands with their unrivaled stability, stance and precise positioning. Orbit 2-equipped T-O stand systems, with their dual independent boom arms, offer twice the utility of ‘old school’ stands in half the space. While a Orbit O2 boom is the perfect choice for miking drums, acoustic instruments and ensembles in stereo, pairing iOS devices with vocal mics, ADR, even suspending RF antennas, the quintessential O2 application is simultaneously supporting two vocalists, and Ed and Christina definitively showcased the essence of the Triad-Orbit vision. We could not be prouder to have our stand systems assisting these great artists and the amazing talent behind The Voice.”

Front of House Magazine
March 2014 Issue
Front of House Magazine - George Peterson Review

Road Tests: Triad-Orbit Advanced Microphone Stand Systems

George Peterson - I never thought I’d be reviewing a mic stand. But then again, Triad-Orbit’s Advanced Microphone Stand Systems aren’t ordinary mic stands. Actually, the real point here is whether I need another (or several) more mic stands. After all, I have a ton of them that I’ve bought over the years, ranging from cast base models to various folding versions.

Unfortunately, I continually keep buying more every year or so, because, if truth be told, the life expectancy of the average mic stand under daily pro use is pretty short. Clutches wear out, threads strip and those barbell-style cinchers on boom joints either break off, bend or simply fail at the worst possible time. And how many times have we all experienced “mic droop” — where the boom mic ever so slowly begins to sag...

NAMM University
January 26, 2014
Chris Tso selecting Best in Show

Triad-Orbit Advanced Microphone Stand Systems
Selected by Chris Tso for ‘Best in Show’

“We’re looking for leap-frog technology. And, Triad-Orbit systems has 10 years in R&D, and it uses technology from high-performance racing engines. So, never in MI have tolerances been machined to deliver a product like this. There’s an entire cam assembly in these to allow you to articulate these in almost any way possible. I think this piece is just unbelievable in quality and durability.”

ProAudio Review
August 19, 2013
ProAudio Review 2013 Excellence Nominee

By PAR Editorial Staff

The PAR Excellence Awards is a reader-voted program, presented by the Editors and Contributors of Pro Audio Review (PAR) magazine.

Triad-Orbit T1 and T2 Microphone Stands with 01 and 02 Booms: “You can build a better mousetrap,” declares PAR Contributor Rob Tavaglione of Triad-Orbit’s truly innovative mic stands. “Combine their sturdy T1 or T2 stands with the powerful O1 or O2 booms, all coupled with precison hex connections and easy interlockability.”

29th Annual NAMMM TEC Nominee
NAMM Foundation
January 24, 2014

The 29th Annual TEC Awards for Outstanding Technical Achievement

Nominees are selected in 30 categories of Technical Achievement and Creative Achievement. Eligible nominees are those projects or products that, in the opinion of the Nominating Panel, represent superior accomplishment in their respective fields. In the category of "Ancillary Equipment" ACCESS Products Group / Triad Orbit Advanced Mic Stand Systems was nominated.

ProAudio Review
March 2013 Issue
ProAudio Review Session Trial

Rob Tavaglione - PAR Sessions Trial / Studio Review

"Continuing the PAR Session Trial series-comparative gear evaluations-I investigated microphone stands, truly the workhorses of any live music environment."

"I saved this mew manufacturer [Triad-Orbit] for last because its stands require more explanation and, frankly, are my new favorites."

Bonedo Magazine Review
Bonedo Magazine
January 5, 2013

Triad-Orbit Advanced Microphone Stand Systems Test

"I'm excited: Triad-Orbit Microphone stands are an excellent, well thought-out, useful, coherent, well-produced, insanely flexible and reliable system. This is not an overused sentiment or warn out report - Triad-Orbit is indeed a revolution." (translated)

"Ich bin begeistert: Die Triad-Orbit-Mikrofonstative sind ein hervorragend durchdachtes, hilfreiches, stimmiges, gut produziertes, wahnsinnig flexibles und zuverlässiges System. Das hier ist kein dumpfes, unreflektiertes Hochloben irgendeiner Neuigkeit – Triad-Orbit ist tatsächlich eine Revolution."