TSS2-M, String Swing Mandolin / Ukuele Hanger – Short


Short (TSS2)
Pair with IO-W or IO-WSP for wall mounting or small body acoustic or solid body electric instruments on stands* with IO-GC/IO-GCM
IO-String SwingTM – Quickly and securely hang your favorite instruments off of Triad-Orbit stands or wall mounts with the new IO-equipped yokes brought to you by Triad Orbit and String Swing.IO-String Swing Options
• Guitar/Bass (-G)
• Mandolin (-M)
• Violin (-V)

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The IO-SS2 from Triad-Orbit makes it easy to add a String Swing instrument hook to your Triad-Orbit modular stand. Equipped with padded hooks, your beloved instrument will rest safe and secure off the ground. When it comes to general flexibility, Sweetwater engineers are huge fans of Triad-Orbit stands, and this hook is designed to attach to Triad-Orbit’s snap-on connectors. For safe and secure storage of your stringed instruments on stage or in the studio, the Triad-Orbit IO-SS2 String Swing instrument hook will work wonders.