What is IO (or I/O)?

What IO is not is the number ten, although it may look like that depending on the font. IO is an acronym that stands simply for “input/output”, just like the military, electronics, computer, and audio/video world uses it. Specifically for T-O it consists of the male hex head found on all of our adapters and booms and the female hex receivers found on our stands and accessories. Without IO (I/O) we would just be a stand. With IO (I/O), we are a modular system that adapts very quickly to the needs of the user.

Can I use T-O booms and accessories with my existing stands?

Yes. While our IO quick-change couplers are built into our product line, we also make IO-RA. IO-RA is a 5/8” threaded female adapter that threads on to standard mic stands and booms. IO-RA converts them to our quick-change female hex receiver. You can also place an IO-RA in between the base and boom of a standard mic stand to create a quick-disconnect boom. This will add life to your current stands by reducing the amount of threading and unthreading mic clips or booms which damages threads over a period of time.

Our M2-R and M3-R can add precision placement to your existing stands by adding our patented ball joints. Thread these on to your current stands to create unparalleled flexibility and accuracy to your current configurations.

What is the best video resource link to get an over-view of T-O?

We have a ton of videos. This is a demo at a NAMM show and is a good overview.https://youtu.be/bRAiSaqkLsc.  If you are looking for small room solutions, visit here:https://youtu.be/1kQilRe52AI

Our YouTube Channel. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCa0g_UxwzBg242Opn58pwAQcontains several product videos, system building videos, tech support videos, profiles of professional users, and general posts.

Building systems and asseblies videos.
This is a living page that is constantly being updated based on our creative minds and recommendations from customers, so keep checking back. https://www.triad-orbit.com/project/system-directory/
Or provide suggestions at
[email protected]

There are so many different products, I don’t know where to start. Can you help?

Sure. We recommend starting with the System and Assemblies page https://www.triad-orbit.com/project/system-directory/ .  We have created systems, show the pieces required to build them, and provide video demonstrations to assist you in building. It is a living page that is constantly being updated based on our creative minds and recommendations from customers, so keep checking back. Or provide suggestions at [email protected]

What is the maximum weight that can be safely supported by Triad-Orbit stands, booms, arms and adapters.

Product specifications, including recommended weight capacities, can be found in the Additional information tab on the Product Page for each product. Please contact [email protected]  with specific questions on applications or configurations. We are glad to assist you in determining the proper products for you setup needs.

You can also find them with the “specs link” on each product listing on this page.

Why is Triad-Orbit so expensive?

First, Triad-Orbit stands are not “mic stands”, so it would be unfair to compare what we make to any “mic stand” currently or historically. Our I-O quick-change coupler system allows you to use our stands for mics, lights, cameras and many other uses.


Triad-Orbit is like no other product in the market. The complete line creates a modular tool box for professionals in the music, video, photography and even the film industry. The majority of our products are multi-purpose and modular and have been described as “Tinker toys”, “Lego’s”, or “Snap-On tools” for professionals. Everything we build is of the very best quality and is field repairable for a lifetime of enduring quality. Once people use our products they wonder how they ever got by with historical stands and booms. Triad-Orbit has spared no expense in creating the best experience available with precision crafted ball joints, paradigm changing articulating tripod legs, ergonomic clutches, air-loaded shafts, and smooth casters.

What is the warranty policy for T-O products?

T-O products have a one year manufacturers warranty. By registering your products online the warranty extends to three years. Be sure to take advantage of this offer. Details of the warranty and how to register your products can be found at https://www.triad-orbit.com/warranty/