What is Triad-Orbit?

Triad-Orbit is the smartest, fastest way to precisely position all of your creative devices-mics, cameras, lights, tablets, laptops, monitors, displays, speakers-to support inspired content creators, sound engineers, and professional musicians for peak creative performance. The ingenious IO quick-change coupler and a toolbox of adaptive, modular components give you infinite configurability, fewer stands, more time and space, with professional grade quality you can see and feel.

The new Triad-Orbit®, Precision®, Dolby Atmos® – Immersive Sound Speaker Mount System offers many options for mounting onto walls and ceilings with Triad-Orbit Technology. This uniquely designed patent-pending speaker mounting system allows the installer to meet the critical demands of Dolby Atmos and immersive sound installations providing unparalleled flexibility in mounting and alignment options, saving time in installation room tuning and laser alignments.

The SM-1 system needs our SM-WM1 wall/ceiling mount.
While SM-UM1 is a stands alone unit the
SM-Wm1 makes mounting a breeze. Especialy for single person installtions.


How To Build Systems and Assemblies

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