Reinventing the Microphone Stand

Triad-Orbit® Advanced Stand Systems is part of ACCESS Products Group (APG), the branded products division of Music Express LLC (MX) of Kingston, WA. MX is an OEM/ODM supplier to many of the world’s leading brands in the music products and pro audio industries.

In 2006, after 20 years of producing music products accessories, including wire & cable, bags & cases, stands & hardware, and turnkey drum and string instrument product lines, APG set out to conceive and build a top-shelf, cutting edge branded product line that encompassed all of their collective design, manufacturing and business experience. Their goal was reinventing the microphone stand. At the time, the M.I. and A/V Industries were literally flooded with ‘me-too’, deposable, commodity-based stands. APG opted to pursue a new path: intelligent, original design, continuous innovation, patented intellectual property, professional grade quality and intense brand loyalty.

After seven years of non-stop research & development and testing, Triad-Orbit Advanced Stand Systems debuted in late 2013, featuring four core product groups: Triad® articulating tripod stands, Orbit® orbital booms, Micro™ orbital adaptors and iO™ quick-change couplers. iO—the exclusive multi-patented, interchangeable component in Triad-Orbit support systems—provides instant connectivity and endless options to configure custom stand systems for any task.

It didn’t take long for creators and multimedia professionals to request additional iO mounting heads and accessories to adapt and support photo, video, lighting and a growing list of creative devices.

In only 10 years, Triad-Orbit (T-O) has evolved from its original offering of state-of-the-art adaptive, modular microphone stand systems to the largest and most diverse line of stands, booms, clamps, mounts and support accessories for audio, video, photography, lighting, broadcast, commercial, industrial and medical applications on the market today. Triad-Orbit is the One Solution™ for creative support.

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