IO-SS1-G, String Swing Guitar Hanger- Long


Long (IO-SS1)
Designed for larger body acoustic instruments when mounted on stands*, or when extra reach is needed such as mounting on walls with acous- tic treatment
IO-String SwingTM – Quickly and securely hang your favorite instruments off of Triad-Orbit stands or wall mounts with the new IO-equipped yokes brought to you by Triad Orbit and String Swing.IO-String Swing Options
• Guitar/Bass (-G)
• Mandolin (-M)
• Violin (-V)

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Each IO-String Swing yoke comes with a threaded hex adaptor for use with all IO-equipped connections. Yokes can also be used without hex adapter by threading the yoke into a 1/4-20 hole found on our IO-GC and IO-GCM grip clamps.