TRIAD-ORBIT System - T2/O1/M1

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TRIAD-ORBIT System - T2/O1/M1

Standard Tripod Stand - Single-arm Boom - Long Stem Mic Adaptor

TRIAD-ORBIT System - T2/O1/M1TRIAD-ORBIT System - T2/O1/M1
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Triad-Orbit represents a quantum leap in the evolution of the microphone stand. Every industry-standard component, from stand bases to mic clips, was analyzed and reinvented to realize a singular objective: precise mic placement without compromise. Integrated mic stand systems, assembled from specific combinations of Triad stands, Orbit booms, and Micro components, are available to fulfill any conceivable miking assignment. (Any system can be used with Micro 1 or Micro 2).

T2 / Standard Tripod- The new standard for professional microphone stands.
Base Range: 2.25-9.5 in.
Stand Range: 34.25-61.5 in.
Weight: 12 lbs

O1 / Single-arm Boom - ORBIT orbital booms utilize a stainless steel ball swivel mechanism to deliver an unparalleled range of motion.
Boom Arm Range: 20-37.75 in.
Range of Motion: 360° x 220°
Weight: 5 lbs.

M1 / Long Mic Adaptor- Long stem arm accommodates large diaphragm studio microphones. Patent-pending Glide Path body stabilizes ball swivel mechanism for on-axis use. M1 adaptors are IO-equipped for quick-change compatibility with Triad and Orbit.