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Stereo Utility Bar

Triad-Orbit's IO‑Vector ™ takes the traditional stereo bar to a new dimension—literally. IO‑Vector provides five points of connectivity for 3‑D positioning of microphones, cameras, lights and other creative devices.

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IO-Vector intro video

IO‑Vector can be customized with up to 5 points of connectivity with the one included and optional extra IO‑R38 coupler.

IO‑Vector includes one IO‑R38 quick-change coupler. The unique 3/8" mounting threads of the IO‑R38 can be mounted in any of the three female mounting points (front, back, top). IO‑R38 is also sold separately.

IO‑Vector makes setting up an impromtu decca tree easy!

The Addition of three IO‑A2A™ long aluminum telescopic boom arms to a IO‑Vector utility bar creates a portable Decca Tree. Mount your microphones of choice with Micro orbital adaptors to enhance your Triad‑Orbit stand system's range of motion and positioning.

IO‑Vector makes XY, MS and other stereo techniques easy to setup and move around the room.

Add Micro M2™ orbital adaptors to an IO‑Vector to expand the positioning options for microphones and cameras. Advanced recording techniques are easy to position.