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Intro / Introducing Triad-Orbit Retro Microphone Stand Components
IO-R / Retrofitting conventional mic stands with IO-R aftermarket quick-change couplers provides an instant upgrade in functionality. Faster setup and
teardown, solid, secure, and chatter-free mic and hardware mounting and no more stripped threads are just a few of the benefits enjoyed by IO-R users. The IO-H quick-change mounting head features the industry-standard 5/8-inch thread and inckuded 3/8 adaptors for international and industry compatibility. IO-R is the most solid, stable and silent quick-change coupler ever made.

M1-R / Adding a T-O Retro MICRO M1-R Mic Adaptor to a traditional boom arm makes pinpoint mic placement easy and affordable. M1-R's long stem 'hanger' is designed for mounting large diaphragm microphones. M1-R's stainless-steel ball swivel and Glide Path housing provides an unparalleled range of motion. Now, large format mics can be safely mounted and positioned with incredible accuracy using conventional stands and boom arms.

M2-R / Think of the MICRO M2-R Mic Adaptor as the 'Swiss Army knife' of the T-O Retro range. By adding an M2-R Adaptor to an ordinary mic stand or boom arm, you can mount and precisely position microphones, cameras, RF antennas and audio recorders with ease and assurance. M2-R's stainless steel ball swivel and Compass Point housing make it look easy. M2-R: High-end precision mic placement at a low-end price point.

iOrbit / iORBIT mounts offer the first dedicated professional mounting platform for iPads for viewing text, recording audio and video or controlling iOS applications. iORBIT uses IO innovation to mount iPads directly to mic stands without the usual clamps, resulting in rock-solid security, unrivaled positioning and instant mounting. Every iORBIT includes a Triad-Orbit Retro IO-R quick-change coupler. With an IO-R equipped stand,
you can instantly swap iPads with mics, booms and other hardware.

Grav-Bag / T-O Retro Grav Bags are custom ballast bags that can be used as a 10 lb. center weight cluster or as three individual shot bags on mic stand feet and counterweights. Grav Bags give lightweight tripod stands the added stability to safely support large recording mics. Like all Triad Orbit products, Grav-Bags are professionalgrade,
loaded with stainless steel shot, instead of lead, sand or water.

Outro / Triad-Orbit Retro components enable ordinary mic stands to do extraordinary
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Ray Parker Jr. Triad-Orbit PROFile

Ray talks to Triad-Orbit in the profile about how T-O helps him save space and increase efficiency in his song writing and recording.

Guitarist/songwriter/producer Ray Parker Jr. had hits as
Raydio (the million-selling "Jack and Jill," "You Can't Change That"), Ray Parker Jr. & Raydio ("Two Places at the Same Time," "A Woman Needs Love [Just Like You Do]"), and Ray Parker Jr. (the number one R&B and pop gold single "Ghostbusters"), and he co-wrote hit songs for Rufus and Chaka Khan (the number one "You Got the Love" from fall 1974) and Barry White ("You See the Trouble with Me" from spring 1976).

Born May 1, 1954, in Detroit, Michigan, Parker started out as a teenaged session guitarist playing on sessions recorded for Holland-Dozier-Holland's Hot Wax and Invictus Records, whose roster listed Freda Payne, Honey Cone, Chairmen of the Board, 100 Proof Aged in Soul, Laura Lee, and 8th Wonder. He also played behind the Temptations, Stevie Wonder, the Spinners, Gladys Knight & the Pips, and other Motown acts when they appeared at the Twenty Grand Club. In 1972, Wonder called Parker to ask him to play behind him on a tour that he was doing with the Rolling Stones. Parker thought it was a crank call and hung up the phone. Wonder called back and convinced Parker that he was the real deal by singing "Superstition" to him.

Talking Book Later, Parker played on Wonder's albums Talking Book (1972) and Innervisions (1973). Moving from Detroit to Los Angeles, Parker got into session work, playing on sides by Leon Haywood, Barry White, and arranger Gene Page and working with Motown producer Clarence Paul on Ronnie McNeir's 1976 Motown debut, Love's Comin' Down, and he appeared in the picnic scene in the Bill Cosby/Sidney Poitier comedy classic Uptown Saturday Night.
Deciding to become a recording artist, Parker got a deal with Arista Records in 1977. Not confident on his singing ability, he put together a band that included vocalist Arnell Carmichael, bassist/singer Jerry Knight (who later had his own solo hit with "Overnight Sensation" and as half of Ollie & Jerry, and co-produced hits by the Jets), guitarist Charles Fearing, Larry Tolbert, and Darren Carmichael. However, on record, Parker played most, if not all of the instruments -- although Arnell et al. were paid a retainer so they'd be available if Raydio had a hit record and needed to tour.

Raydio His first LP, Raydio, went gold, peaking at number eight R&B in spring 1978. The LP included the number five gold R&B hit single "Jack and Jill" (lead vocal by Jerry Knight), "Is This a Love Thing," and the charting single "Honey I'm Rich." The hits continued with Ray Parker Jr. & Raydio's number four gold Rock On (the single "You Can't Change That" was number three R&B, number nine pop in the spring of 1979); the number six gold R&B Two Places at the Same Time from spring 1980 ("Two Places at the Same Time" was number six R&B in spring 1980); and the number one gold record A Woman Needs Love from 1981 ("A Woman Needs Love [Just Like You Do]" -- the first song Parker sang all the way through without trading vocals -- held the number one R&B spot for two weeks and went number four pop in spring 1981). Then, the Ray Parker Jr. album The Other Woman held the number one R&B, number 11 pop spot in spring 1982 ("The Other Woman" was number two R&B for four weeks).
One of Parker's biggest hits and best-loved songs, "Ghostbusters" was initially submitted for the background score of the Dan Aykroyd/Harold Ramis/Bill Murray/Ernie Hudson comedy. Director Ivan Reitman thought that the song should be released as a single. The "Ghostbusters" music video is one of the funniest and most star-studded videos ever made (breakdancing Bill Murray style). "Ghostbusters" parked at the number one R&B spot for two weeks and the number one pop for three weeks on Billboard's charts in summer 1984. Around this time, Huey Lewis sued Columbia Pictures and Ray Parker Jr. for copyright infringement, claiming that "Ghostbusters" was a ripoff of his recent hit, "I Want a New Drug." Lewis received an out-of-court settlement.

In the NightParker also wrote and produced hits for New Edition ("Mr. Telephone Man" -- Parker originally recorded this with Jr. Tucker for his 1983 self-titled Geffen album), Randy Hall ("I've Been Watching You [Jamie's Girl]," the refreshing "Gentleman"), Cheryl Lynn ("Shake It Up Tonight" from In the Night), Deniece Williams (the 1979 ARC/Columbia LP When Love Comes Calling), Brick (the 1981 Bang LP Summer Heat), and Diana Ross ("Upfront" from her 1983 RCA LP Ross).
Parker left Arista for Geffen and then MCA before returning to Arista because of his relationship with Arista president Clive Davis.
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Triad-Orbit T3, the C-Stand alternative.

Ben Barden shows how T3 can be use in smaller spaces than a

Lizzy McAvoy "The Girl in the Apron"

Lizzy McAvoy is a singer, songwriter, and producer who uses Triad-Orbit in her studio and in her kitchen for her cooking show. In this video she demonstrates how Triad-Orbit products help her capture and produce her inspirations.Show More


Using the Triad-Orbit mic stand to extend the usefulness of the Genelec 6010 near field monitor. These Triad-Orbit Boom Mic Stand products are available for rent from Hollywood Sound and can be purchased via our Reverb Site: or call us at 323-466-2416 and be sure to visit our website More
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Edge Studio's Whittam's World - Special Report NAMM 2016 "Triad-Orbit"

Marty from Triad-Orbit talks about the best mic stands and accessories for musicians, voice artists, and especially VO people needing to work in tight quarters.
B&H carries a whole line
of Triad-Orbit products - here's a few highlights:
TM Mini Tripod Stand:
IO-H Quick-Change Coupler Mounting Head for Triad Microphone Stands:
iORBIT 1 iPad Holder:
OM Orbit Mini - Short Single-Arm Orbital Boom:
T2 Standard Tripod:
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