Triad-Orbit Optimize your Small Studio No Stands

Lior Goldenberg PROfile Part 1, Working with Triad-Orbit

Lior Goldenberg is a producer/mixer based in Los Angeles.

He has worked with Stone Temple Pilots, Ziggy Marley, Rancid, Fuel, Macy Gray, Sheryl Crow, MxPx, Vanessa Carlton, Marilyn Manson, Andrew W.K.,
Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young, Alanis Morissette, and indie artists Allen Stone, Crash Kings, Saint Motel, Whosarmy, Boy in the Bubble, Oliver Future, The Hanks, VETO and many more.

He works out of his private studio in Calabasas, California.
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IO-GCM & String swing

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I/O quick-change coupler capability of Triad-Orbit.

With the apparent and necessary convergence of technology between many different industries, our mantra is “Invent. Refine. Repeat”. In doing so, we must also realize where others have already made great strides towards the same goal. So we have partnered with different companies such as Manley Laboratories and 9.Solutions to create new products that take advantage of the innovations that both companies have to offer. The result of this synergy is the brand new Starbird® Boom Stand by Triad-Orbit, whose parts are backwards-compatible to all Manley Starbirds, as well as the Synergy Series™ Grip Clamp and Spring Clamp, which combines the outstanding clamp ability of 9.Solutions with the IO® quick-change capability of Triad-Orbit. But we’re not stopping there.

Real innovation changes lives for the better, so we will continue to provide you with modular support system solutions that improve the way you work and play.
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Triad-Orbit T3, the C-Stand alternative.

Ben Barden shows how T3 can be use in smaller spaces than a

What is a “Stand System”?

What is a “Stand System”?
What’s in a name? In the case of Triad-Orbit, our brand name tells our story. In the beginning we were Triad-Orbit Advanced Microphone Stand Systems. As
T-O has grown, so have the applications for our innovative support systems and we dropped “Microphone” from the name. “Triad” and “Orbit” are the line’s two cornerstone products and “Advanced Stand Systems” are what we make. Understanding that modular DNA is the key to incorporating the benefits of Triad-Orbit’s custom-configurable design into your creative workflow.

The IO quick-change coupler is the “glue” in Triad-Orbit’s modular design. Every T-O stand, boom, adaptor and T-O Retro component is connected with an IO coupler. If you grew up with Tinker Toys or Lego, you get it. With Triad-Orbit, you have a premium product line that enables you to configure custom stand systems to fulfill your unique needs. We invite you to contact us anytime you need advice or help in building a custom Triad-Orbit stand system for any of your creative endeavors.

The T-O Stand Systems Builder's Guide makes it easy to understand and assemble custom Triad-Orbit stand systems. Download and browse through the TOSSBG to see 22 unique and creative ways to set up and utilize T-O for your preferred support application. Check back often as we will be updating the guide as our network of users send us more ansd more ideas.
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Triad Leg Tension

Triad Stand's articulating legs have individual tension setting.
If you are in a studio with the space of Warner Brother Eastwood Sound Stage, you may never actually collaps the legs. WB
never collapses the legs..
In a situation where you put the stands away often and one leg feels looser than the others you can adjust it to have more tension.

Under the base of the the stand there is recessed a 2mm hex set screw. This screw puts pressure on the 6mm larger hex screw.
Before trying to tighten the main leg hex screw, loosen the 2mm screw a few turns. Then set the 6mm hex screw a the desired tension. Important! Reset the 2mm hex screw firmly before testing the leg.
Repeat the process so all three legs have the same tension.
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