“Triad-Orbit makes solutions to problems for me in my studio.” “Asthetics are art in themselves”.

Jordan Critz

Composer, Producer, artist, Watch PROFILE

“Triad-Orbit Starbird has been a revelation to us, a phenomenal product”.

Glenn Rosenstein

Grammy Award winning Engineer, Producer, Studio owner, Watch PROFILE

“Triad-Orbit saves so much space and is so easy to use.”

Ray Parker Jr.

Artist, Composer, Producer, Watch PROFILE

“Triad-Orbit products are a mic stand alternative but is so much better.”
“The products are so well thought out and executed

Shawn Tubbs

Session Guitarist, Composer, Producer, blogger, Watch PROFILE

“Triad-Orbit makes really good products for recording, video production and even for guitar hangers.”

Gil Gowing

Pro Audio Solutions Specialist with AVID, Watch PROFILE

“Triad-Orbit works incredible in my studio life,
and it works just as awesome in my filming life.”

Lizzy McAvoy

Singer, Song Writer, Producer, Host of The Girl In the Apron, Watch PROFILE

“It is absolutely my conviction that my life would be different… I would not have the success on YouTube that I have without this [Triad-Orbit] system that enables me to do a setup like this.”

Henning Pauly

Watch PROfile

“Since my introduction to Triad-Orbit, I’ve never looked back. I love my Triad-Orbit Stands”


Michael Boddicker

Composer, Watch PROfile

“My Triad-Orbit microphone stand is amazing. I love things that are strong and substantial. This stand is unbelievably strong and I love that. It’s really helped me a lot.”

Ricky Skaggs

Musician, Watch PROfile

“Triad-Orbit is a reinvention of the microphone stand and is something that is far superior. It belongs in every space of the studio, over any conventional stand.”

David Kalmusky

Record producer, guitarist, multi-instrumentalist, engineer & mixer, Watch PROfile

“After I saw Triad-Orbit, I knew when I built my studio, Triad-Orbit stands would be the only stands I’d use.”

Neeraj Khajanchi

Recording engineer and producer, Watch PROfile

“Instead of the generic stands that we’ve become accustomed to, someone designed a stand to meet the needs of the engineer. I love them! I can’t believe how much they’ve changed my work flow in the studio and the way I interact with my microphones.”

Russ Long

Producer, mixer, studio and FOH engineer, composer, and author, Watch PROfile

“As in music, I appreciate anything that is great. Greatness is rare. The Triad-Orbit product is a work of art. The manufacturing and attention to detail is surprising.”

Glenn Rosenstein

Producer, Mixer, Engineer, Songwriter Grammy, Oscar and Golden Globe Winner., Watch PROfile

“We regularly host sessions for Emmy-Winning television shows, big budget Oscar-winning feature films, record-breaking video games, as well as music recording sessions for Grammy-winning productions”

Greg Curtis

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