Triad Series™ Stands

The proprietary TRIAD articulating base provides the weight and stability of large diameter cast iron bases and a fully adjustable attitude and footprint, thanks to its patent-pending ratcheting mechanism.

Each leg of a Triad base has four ratcheted positions that provide a pitch of up to 65 degrees to accommodate uneven surfaces and stacking. A foot-actuated latch on each leg provides hands-free adjustability. This feature makes triad stands a great alternative for traditional photography C-Stands.

The solid steel legs coupled with the solid zinc base housing provides an ultra-low center of gravity making Triad-Orbit stands the most stable and secure stands in the industry.

Triad stands utilize industrial-grade clutches in lieu of knobs and thumbscrews to adjust and secure shafts and bases. Knurled metal clutch barrels are coated to provide a comfortable ergonomic grip that yields more torque. 

The exclusive IO Quick-Change Coupler is standard equipment on all TRIAD Stands. IO effortlessly captures booms and equipment changes with ease and assurance. ‘On-the-fly’ hardware swaps are now a reality, replacing the tedious task of threading booms, mic clips, cameras, lights, and accessories on and off.