What is a “Stand System”?

What’s in a name? In the case of Triad-Orbit, our brand name tells our story. In the beginning we were Triad-Orbit Advanced Microphone Stand Systems. As T-O has grown, so have the applications for our innovative support systems and we dropped “Microphone” from the name. “Triad” and “Orbit” are the line’s two cornerstone products and “Advanced Stand Systems” are what we make. Understanding that modular DNA is the key to incorporating the benefits of Triad-Orbit’s custom-configurable design into your creative workflow.

The IO quick-change coupler is the “glue” in Triad-Orbit’s modular design. Every T-O stand, boom, adapter and T-O Retro component is connected with an IO coupler. If you grew up with Tinker Toys or Lego, you get it. With Triad-Orbit, you have a premium product line that enables you to configure custom stand systems to fulfill your unique needs. We invite you to contact us anytime you need advice or help in building a custom Triad-Orbit stand system for any of your creative endeavors.

The T-O Stand Systems Builder’s Guide makes it easy to understand and assemble custom Triad-Orbit stand systems. Download and browse through the TOSSBG to see 22 unique and creative ways to set up and utilize T-O for your preferred support application. Check back often as we will be updating the guide as our network of users send us more ansd more ideas.