Systems & Assemblies

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Podcast Systems

IO-GC / Vector Podcast System
Compact, portable, modular and versatile clamp down podcast system.

IO-W or IO-WSP / Vector Podcast system
Destop or wall mounted compact modular podcast system.

IO-GC / IO-LCK Locking, Swing Arm Podcast System
Modular, versatile portable clamp on swing arm. Works for mics, cameras, phones, tablets and lights.

Complete Pro Broadcast  Podcast Stand System
This is an example of how to build this comprehensive system. Due to the modularity of the system the parts are annotated separately.

Studio and Stage Systems

One Solution Stage and Studio Stand System
Build a stand system that can hold multiple guitars, tablet, cue system and mics.

IO-GC / IO-Vector Piano Miking System
This modular system can be descretely placed inside the piano. Depending on the mics and positions you can use it with short stick. IO-Vector comes with an IO-R38 for a third mic. You can add 2 more IO-R38’s for a total of 5 mics.

Kick, Rack and Floor Tom Stand System
This stand system is great space saving stand. The kick is optional and there are several other uses such as sitting down guiar and vocals.

Hi Hat, Top and Bootom Snare System
This system uses the IO-Vector and M2 or M3, (for wider snares). It also can be used for Hat and snare or top and bottom snare without IO-Vector.

Stage, Studio, Voice Over System
This simple system offers a compact stand and boom that so you can easily read your music, vocals or copy.

T1c Rolling Monitor Stand
This system uses our T1c stand that goes to the perfest sitting height. IO-LCK offers vertical and horozontal control as well as locking tilt.

Single Kick and Overheads Stand System
This space saving system can be set up in several ways.

Decca Tree System
This Decca Tree is Built with
IO-Vector and IO-A2A arms. It’s very portable and lightweight. Add M2’s or M3’s for easy microphone alignment.

T1c and IO-Desk make a great rolling laptop stand system.

Automatic Dialogue Replace, ADR System
Every modern day movie you’ve ever seen, the dialogue has been meticulously replaced. For smaller vocal booths this one stand rolling ADR system can be set up in several ways.

Dual kick Drum System
This single stand dual kick system can be assembled in several ways.
Here we show it miking the hammer on the inside and the head on the outside.

Photo and Video Systems

T3c Rolling Photo Key Light System
This system uses our T3c stand twith O2x, IO-GC and more.

For more ideas here is our systems builders guide.