Starbird™ Retrofit Parts

Starbird SB-1 Retrofitting PArts

During the SB-1 engineering process, one of the goals was to design the individual parts to be backwards compatible with earlier versions of the Manley Starbird and the Model 180. We reverse-engineered components using a Manley Starbird. While researching and field testing several Starbird stands with the re-engineered components, we found that there were inconsistencies along the George Starbird Model 180 line, especially in the outer diameter of the tubes. While we tried to engineer our new designs to accommodate the variances found in the field, we did find some that the variance was too great for our design tolerances. Thus, we can’t always guarantee the precision of the fit. In most cases our parts will be able to replace older broken parts.

SB1-B StarBase™ Retractable Stand Base

StarBase is a massive cast iron base with locking and retractable legs that pivot for optimum positioning and can tuck away completely under the base for efficient storage. The SB-1 base tube receiver has been designed to tighten main tubes allowing for variance in diameters found in the field. This base should fit all older Starbirds.


BoomStop™ Safety Lock

SB1-SW, BoomStop™ is a pin locking mechanism (in 18 degree increments) that secures Starbird booms in any position, regardless of the weight suspended, for safe, repeatable, consistent worry-free operation.

SB1-SC Stand Clutch

Replaces the main stand riser (vertical tube) clutch.

SB1-BC Boom Clutch

Replaces the boom arm extension clutch.

SB1-IO, IO quick-change coupler™

This replaces the older mic mount completely. Add the OA ball joint for amazing free movement and versatility. Or add the IO-LCK for positive locking with 360 swivel adjustability, and a rotational IO-receiver for added flexibility.



VariBal™ offers effortless, adjustable counterweight positioning and the ability to add additional ballast to the counterweight as needed. 
Caution: The SB-1 has a stop plug at the end of the boom. Be careful using the SB1-CW on older booms as it could slide off if not handled properly.

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