Precision SM-UM1 Universal Speaker Mount

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Precision Strength in a Compact Size

Precision SM-UM1 is a compact version of SM-1 system, designed to support the smaller, lighter range of speakers for smaller Atmos mix rooms. As Immersive Sound grows to include smaller mix rooms, where lower SPL levels at a closer proximity are needed, SM-UM1 is the mount of choice.
SM-UM1 features a powerful tilt mechanism with built-in locking teeth. In addition, the pan knob on the SM-UM1 exerts the necessary force to hold the pan adjustment securely in place.

Precision mounts offer world class performance, reliability, robustness, and support for the heart of your Atmos system-your speakers. From the rugged SM-1 which is capable of supporting 100lbs, to the cost-effective solution of the SM-UM1, Precision provides the options necessary to support an ever-growing list of Atmos and other speakers.

UM1 is considered a “Universal Speaker Mount” due to its multi-channeled mounting plate. Essentially, it can mount any speaker with the following parameters:
Weight: 26 lbs or less
Designed by manufacturer as wall/ceiling  mountable with at least two mounting holes. Please contact speaker manufacturer if you are unsure the speaker meets this requirement;
Mounting holes distance is between 17mm and 120mm

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SM-UM1 Speaker Mount Adjustments

The SM-UM1 pan adjustment is activated with the lower center spring knob. The SM-UM1 tilt adjustment is activated with the side spring knob.
Do not mount th SM-UM1 in horozontal position. The face plate is mounted with 4, M6 screws in a square pattern so it can be placed in vertical or horizontal axis.

SM-UM1 is considered a “Universal Speaker Mount” due to its multi-channeled mounting plate. Please refer to our SM-UM1 speaker matrix to determine the specific speakers, or the dimensional references to confirm SM-UM1 will accommodate your specific speaker model. SM-UM1 can only be installed on speakers that have been designed and qualified by the speaker manufacturer for wall/ceiling installations.
The SM-UM1 universal face plate designed to fit as many “mountable”, two hole speakers possible. Some four hole speakers will work as well.
While SM-UM1 is designed to attach directly a wall or ceiling,  by adding our SM-WM1 wall mount, installation can be performed easily and safely with only 1 installer.
Attach The SM-WM1 to the wall or ceiling. Then the speaker is attached to SM-UM1. The speaker and swivel assemblie can then easily slide into the SM-WM1.
NOTE: SM-WM-1 is purchased separately.

Universal Speaker Mount