SM-1 Alternate Speaker Fitting

Additional speaker that fit our current plates or brackets.

ATC SCM12i Pro, Use the SM-GP

Neumann KH 310A, use the Neumann LH 25 Bracket. The SM-SW1 can attach directly to the bracket.

Neumann KH 120, KH 80, The SM-SW1 can attach directly to the speakers. (SM-SW1 must be installed in a horizontal orientation)

This list will be updated as new speaker manufacturer plates are approved for use.
Contact Triad-Orbit if you do not see an intended use speaker on this list.

Installation Showcase

7.2.4 Atmos Installation for ATC SCM12i Pro 
Dweezil Zappa’s Hikari Studios Atmos cotrol room.
This installation utilizes SM-WM1 wall / ceiling mount,
SM-SW1 precision swivel, 2 SM-PM1 pipe mounts and
SM-GP speaker plate.

Coast Mastering San Francisco, CA
Installation of Neumann KH 310A
Neumann KH 310A, use the Neumann LH 25 Bracket.
The SM-SW1 can attach directly to the bracket.

Sonic Spark Los Angeles, CA
Suuround Installation of JBL 705p
SM-WM1, SM-SW1, 705B brackets.

SM-1 Manual