SM-1 Alternate Speaker Fitting

Additional speaker that fit our current plates or brackets.

ATC SCM12i Pro, Use the SM-GP

Neumann KH 310A, use the Neumann LH 25 Bracket. The SM-SW1 can attach directly to the bracket.

Neumann KH 120, KH 80, The SM-SW1 can attach directly to the speakers. (SM-SW1 must be installed in a horizontal orientation)

This list will be updated as new speaker manufacturer plates are approved for use.
Contact Triad-Orbit if you do not see an intended use speaker on this list.

Installation Showcase

7.2.4 Atmos Installation for ATC SCM12i Pro 
This installation utilizes SM-WM1 wall / ceiling mount,
SM-SW1 precision swivel, 2 SM-PM1 pipe mounts and
SM-GP speaker plate.

Coast Mastering San Francisco, CA
Installation of Neumann KH 310A
Neumann KH 310A, use the Neumann LH 25 Bracket.
The SM-SW1 can attach directly to the bracket.

Sonic Spark Los Angeles, CA
Suuround Installation of JBL 705p
SM-WM1, SM-SW1, 705B brackets.

SM-1 Manual