Orbit Series™ Booms

ORBIT orbital booms utilize a stainless steel ball swivel mechanism to deliver an unparalleled range of motion that’s extremely smooth, quiet and stable. Orbit booms incorporate IO quick-change couplers for rapid hardware changes without the hassle and delay of threaded connections. Combining booms with M1 or M2 adapters creates an advanced mic placement system with unequalled accuracy and adjustability. The ORBIT orbital boom is – in a word -revolutionary. With its proprietary ball swivel and robust build quality, surgically precise mic placement is now attainable in every recording and live performance scenario, regardless of the venue. And Orbit 1 is equally at home when static mic placement is called for, thanks to its Glide Path swivel housing that provides a controlled traditional boom arm motion. The Orbit 1 boom has an unparalleled range-of-motion by design. When disengaged, the O1 swivel housing exhibits a full 360° degrees of horizontal rotation. Add to that the 360°x 220° rotational axis of the ball swivel mechanism, and you have a recording and live sound tool with unrivaled precision and versatility.

The IO Quick-change Coupler is standard equipment on both ends of every ORBIT boom. IO effortlessly and securely couples ORBIT booms to Triad stands and standard mic clips/mounts and MICRO orbital mic adapters to ORBIT boom arms is seconds. IO offers twice the utility and functionality in a fraction of normal setup and striking time. On-the-fly hardware swaps are now a reality, replacing the tedious task of threading booms and mic clips on and off. Tired of lost and sheared tensioning knob sidelining booms in your stand inventory? Orbit booms utilize industrial-grade clutches in lieu of knobs and thumbscrews to secure all points of adjustment on the shafts. The knurled metal clutch barrels are coated to provide a comfortable ergonomic grip that yields more torque. And with no protruding parts, Orbit booms transport and store with total reliability.