Convergence is defined as a point where different air or water currents come together, creating a disturbance. It’s also an apt term to sum up the disturbance caused by the merging of audio, video, and lighting technologies. For most of the past century, they represented distinct product categories that appealed to different customers, offered products requiring different skill sets, and relied on separate distribution channels. No longer. The technology that made it possible to pack massive computing power into a smartphone, has transformed a $900 laptop into a device capable of managing a complex light show, handling multitrack recording functions, and editing video. In the process, once clear distinctions have been irrevocably blurred. The implications of this revolution go far beyond the type of products sold, and are having a lasting impact on how music is made and consumed and where music products are sold.

This convergence of audio, video, film, photography and lighting technology demands new support solutions:

  • Systems that are portable yet provide the mass to be stable.
  • Systems with the ability to adapt to challenging positioning and locations.
  • Systems that are truly modular, allowing them to conform to any application or rigged on the fly for multitasking configurations.
  • Systems that offer the convenience and efficiency of quick-change mounting across multiple device platforms.
  • Systems that provide the assurance of precision placement of your most valued and delicate gear.
  • Cutting edge components that provide the same level of support without stands.

That new multimedia support solution is Triad-Orbit®

Triad-Orbit Advanced Stand Systems are designed and built for the new breed of content producers that use small format photo/video, constant and ‘speed’ lighting and digital audio to capture, create, market, report, educate and entertain. Triad-Orbit AV support systems will revolutionize the way you work.

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