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Micro Series M1 – This product is now discontinued and is replaced by M3


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The Micro Series orbital adapter features a long stem mounting arm to accommodate cameras, lights, and  studio microphones ranging from small diaphragm pencils to large diaphragm tube condensers. The patent-pending Glide Path™ housing facilitates both full orbital rotation and a conventional straight-line trajectory for on-axis use.

M1 adapters are IO-equipped for quick-change compatibility with TRIAD stands and ORBIT booms. MICRO orbital adapters are miniature versions of ORBIT orbital booms, exhibiting the same enhanced range of motion, thanks to the unique ball swivel mechanism. Using MICRO adapters in conjunction with ORBIT booms exponentially increases the accuracy and versatility of any stand.

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Length: 12 cm. / 4.75 in.
Product Weight: 0.2 kg. / 0.5 lb.
Max Recommended Weight Capacity: 2 kg. / 4.5 lb.

Package Includes:

M1 Orbital Hanging Mic Adapter
5/8" female to 3/8" male adapter
T-Knob (can be used in place of standard round knob)