Triad-Orbit Videos

Core Products at a Glance

Articulating Mic Stands

Orbit 1 Single Arm
Orbital Boom

Orbit 2 Dual Arm
Orbital Boom

Micro 1 Orbital
Hanging Mic Adaptor

Micro 2 Short Stem
Orbital Mic Adaptor

IO-R Quick-Change

AES 2014
New Products

T-O Overview Edited To
Mr. Miller by Brian Bromberg

IO-VM and T3c - Rolling
Monitor Stand with Casters

Tech Tutorials

Triad Stands
Basic Set Up 101

Orbit Booms
Operation and Use

TGB-1 Bag

O2 or O2x Boom Arm
Assembly Replacement

Orbit 2 Arm
Tension Adjustment

Triad Stand
Leg Tension Adjustment

Triad Stand
Bushing Replacement

Orbit 1 and OM
Swivel Replacement


Pat McMakin talks about Triad-Orbit

Triad-Orbit PROfile
Pat McMakin Nashville, TN


Find out how The Bridge Recording
In Hollywood has converted to T-O

Ricky Skaggs talks about T-O

Ricky Skaggs talks About
His Triad T3 and Orbit 2 boom

Steve Smith
Creatio Studios

Brian Bromberg Recommends Triad-Orbit for Upright Bass

Brian Bromberg Recommends
Triad-Orbit for Upright Bass

Neil Dorfsman
Loves Triad-Orbit Mic Stands

Gordon Kennedy uses
T-O for Stage and Studio

Richard Wheeler
Relies on Triad-Orbit

Glenn Rosenstein
"T-O is a Work of Art!"

Russ Long
Loves Triad-Orbit

Neeraj Khajanchi uses T-O
in his new Tokyo studio

David Kalmusky
Recognizes the value of T-O

レコーディングエンジニア / プロデューサー

First Impressions
At NAB Show 2015

First Impressions
At Winter NAMM 2015

Greg Curtis relies on
the Micro 2 and IO-R

Peter White of
Bodelin Technologies, Inc

Francesco Cameli uses T-O
To Facilitate Creativity

Michael Boddicker Loves
His Triad-Orbit Stands

How to use Triad-Orbit Products

How to Use Triad
Articulating Mic Stands

How to Attach Orbit Booms
to Triad Stands

How to Adjust and Position
Orbit Boom Arms

How to Use IO Couplers for
Quick Hardware Swaps

How to Retrofit
a Conventional Mic Stand

The Archive

Triad-Orbit Stand Systems
Product Demonstration

Sound On Sound Interview &
Core Products Demonstration

T-O Demo
Start to Finish

Alabama's Lead Singer, Randy Owen
Uses Triad-Orbit on The Voice

Ed Sheeran and Christina Grimmie
Share a T3/O2 system on The Voice

Blake Shelton's Mic Supported
By Orbit 1 on The Voice

BLACK WAAT3R - "Come Together"

Chris Lucas - Eclipse Drum Setup
Walkthrough, utilizing T-O Stands

Hollywood Sound's Customer
Shows off his T-O Setup on Steps

Geert Bevin - Independent Review
of Triad-Orbit Microphone Stands

SomeAudioGuy - Independent Review
Micro 1-R Orbital Mic Stand Adaptor

SomeAudioGuy - Independent Review
Micro 2 and IO-R

Doug Doppler Uses T-O
to Mic All of his Demo Videos

BTZCYPHER - Road Test:
IO-R / iORBIT 2 on a Motorcycle

YAMAHA Japan Uses T-O
in Guitar Lesson Promotionals

YAMAHA Japan Uses T-O
To Support iPad and Vocal Mic

T-O Product Release Party
With Brian Bromberg, Song #2

T-O at EastWest Studios
with Brian Bromberg, Song #1

SoundPure - T-O Dealer Review
Vocal, Guitar and Piano Miking

The Sweetwater Minute
Triad-Orbit Stands - Dealer Demo

Recording Industry Experts Panel
Supported by T-O and RSPE Audio

Dale Pro Audio Interviews
T-O at the 135th AES Convention

Edge Studio Interviews T-O
At the 2013 AES Show

Musikmesse 2013 News:
Triad-Orbit in the Spotlight

at East West Studios

Hollywood Sound Systems Quick Look videos

HSS, Micro 2 & Genelec 6010
Precision Monitor Placement

T3 with Air Suspension system
Supporting a Genelec 8130 APM

HSS Quick Look:
Orbit 1 Full Range of Motion

Hollywood Sound Systems:
Triad Stands are "Pinch-Free"

HSS: Triad Stands
Protect Your Microphones

HSS: Triad Stand Legs
Adjust for uneven surfaces

HSS: Triad Stands Legs
Straddle Over Stage Mess

HSS: Articulating Legs
For Quick Stand Placement

HSS: Triad Orbit Tilts for
a Boomless Front Line

Hollywood Sound Systems
IO-R Quick-Change Coupler

HSS Quick Look: Micro 1
Rotational Mic Hanger

HSS Quick Look:
Change out Mics on the Fly

HSS Quick Look: Microphone
and iPad with One Stand

HSS Quick Look: Orbit 2
Stereo Microphone Setup

HSS Quick Look: Orbit 2
Acoustic Guitar Miking

HSS Quick Look: Orbit 2
Acoustic Guitar and iPad Together

HSS Quick Look: Filming
using an iPhone with iOrbit2

HSS Quick Look: Orbit 2
Unlimited Range of Motion

HSS Quick Look: Ratcheting Legs
Ease and Precision of Adjustment