Triad Stands

Triad’s proprietary articulating base provides the weight and stability of large diameter cast iron bases and a fully adjustable attitude and footprint, thanks to its patent-pending ratcheting mechanism. Each leg of a Triad base has four ratcheted positions that provide up to 65 degrees of pitch to accommodate 'boom-less' front lines, uneven surfaces and stacking for storage.

More details and product specifications:
Triad Stands Quick-Start Manual
Triad Stands Spec Sheet

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  1. TRIAD Mini / TM

    TRIAD Mini / TM

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    TRIAD Mini / TM- Triad Mini Tripod Stand

    Triad Mini Tripod - Perfect for kick drums, combo amps and where ultra-low-profile and small-footprint stands are needed.


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  2. TRIAD 1 / T1

    TRIAD 1 / T1

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    TRIAD1 / T1 - Short Tripod Microphone Stand

    TRIAD T1 short microphone stands are perfect for low-profile mic placement on drums and amps.


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  3. TRIAD 2 / T2

    TRIAD 2 / T2


    TRIAD2 / T2 - Standard Tripod Microphone Stand

    TRIAD T2 is the new standard for professional-grade microphone stands with its proprietary articulating base.

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  4. TRIAD 3 / T3

    TRIAD 3 / T3


    TRIAD3 / T3 - Tall Tripod Microphone Stand

    TRIAD T3 utilizes a three-section shaft for specialized stage and studio applications and features an air suspension system to protect expensive studio microphone against accidental impact damage.

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  5. TRIAD T3C




    Triad T3C is a surprisingly stable rolling support platform for music, A/V, photography, lighting, computing, industrial and medical applications.

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  6. TRIAD ES / T-ES- Elevator Shaft Extension

    TRIAD ES / T-ES- Elevator Shaft Extension

    T-ES Elevator Shaft™
    T-ES is a 33-in. extension for TRIAD stands. Equipped with IO Quick-change Couplers, the T-ES is designed to elevate microphones for choral and orchestral applications, ambient recording, wireless transmitter antennas, etc.
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  7. TRIAD TC Casters

    TRIAD TC Casters


    Triad TC casters are designed to thread into our special, caster-ready, large 3-section tripod stand stand. Only purchase TC casters if you are sure that your Triad T3 stand is threaded to accept them.

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