Triad Stands

Open Legs- Remove the TRIAD stand from its packaging. * The positioning of TRIAD stands’ articulating legs iscontrolled by the Leg Latch (A.). Pull the Leg Latch in a downward motion with your thumb to release the latch andextend the legs to the fully open position. *Save the carton and foam inserts to safely transport your new TRAIDstand.

Leg Positioning- To adjust the angle of the TRIAD stands’ articulating legs by 1.) secure the end of the leg you wishto adjust with your foot, and 2.) push the mic stand shaft forward to the desired position.

Leg Return- To return the TRIAD stands’ articulating leg to the fully open position, 1.) push the mic stand slightlyforward, 2.) pull the Leg Latch in a downward motion with your foot to release the latch and 3.) pull the mic standshaft toward you to reposition the leg.

Leg Tensioning- TRIAD stands’ articulating legs are adjustable and replaceable in the field. Each leg is secured witha large Allen Bolt (A.). This bolt also adjusts the tensioning of the leg. Allen Bolt "A" is locked inplace by a smaller Set Screw (B.) To adjust or replace the leg, 1.) first loosen small Set Screw "B" withthe xx mm Allen Key (included) and 2.) adjust or remove Allen Bolt "A" with the xx mm Allen Key (included)to adjust or replace the leg (turn clockwise to tighten or turn counter-clockwise to loosen).


IO Insertion- The TRIAD-ORBIT IO Quick-change Coupler consists of two parts: 1.) the IO Coupler Body and 2.) the IOHex Head. To insert any IO-equipped device (boom arm, mic adapter, tablet holder, etc.), simply align the IO HexHead with the IO Coupler Body and insert the device. IO-equipped devices are automatically locked in place when theIO hex shaft is fully inserted.

IO Release- To remove a device from a IO Quick-change Coupler, 1.) pull down the A.) Release Sleeve on the IO CouplerBody, and 2.) pull the IO-equipped device away from the IO Coupler Body.

Orbit Booms

ORBIT Booms Insertion- ORBIT Boom Arms are equipped with IO Quick-change Coupler Hex Heads. These IO Hex Heads arefortified with alignment pins to further stabilize the stand/boom connection. To insert an ORBIT Boom, simply alignthe IO Hex Head with the IO Coupler Body and insert the device. IO-equipped devices are automatically locked inplace when the IO hex shaft is fully inserted.

ORBIT Orbital Boom Swivel Tensioning and Positioning- ORBIT booms utilize patented technology that offers a widerrange of tensioning than conventional boom arms. ORBIT precision tensioning allows you the option of using the gamutof microphones, from small ‘pencils’ to heavy large diaphragm condensers, and dial in the perfect action and holdfor every mic.

ORBIT / MICRO Ball Swivel Housings- The orbital ball swivels utilized in ORBIT booms and MICRO mic adaptors aremounted in proprietary housings. Our Glide PathTM and Compass PointTM ball swivel housings employ crenels to guideand lock booms arms in place. Each ORBIT 2 ball swivel housing features one crenel that’s deeper to expand therange-of-motion of the boom arm and allow the arms to be fully retracted.

The ORBIT 2 Compass Point ball swivel housing has 4 crenels, with one of the crenels notched deeper for a greaterrange-of-motion (150º).
The deeper position also allows the boom arm to be secured in a straight, parallel position for storage.

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