“The Bridge Recording is the busiest scoring stage in Hollywood,” said Greg Curtis, musician, recording engineer and founder of The Bridge Recording. With over 30 sessions per month recording in its beautiful, large room, clients are lining up to use one of the best recording spaces in the world. Curtis explained, “We regularly host sessions for Emmy-winning television shows, big budget Oscar-winning feature films, record-breaking video games, as well as music recording sessions for Grammy-winning productions.”

Opening in October 2010, The Bridge Recording (www.thebridgerecording.com), located in Glendale, California, is the culmination of Curtis’ creative vision for the ultimate recording facility.His idea was to take a blank sheet of paper and design and build a space that embodied the natural, luscious acoustics of a great concert hall with the control and flexibility of a state of the art recording studio. After working in the landmark studios of Los Angeles and Hollywood, on both sides of the glass as both a musician and engineer, Curtis set out to distill the best attributes of those iconic recording spaces into a single, incredible studio.

In the process of doing so, he employed priceless vintage recording gear from some of the most revered Hollywood Scoring Stages, and seamlessly blended in modern technology on top, allowing for a very easy and organic way to navigate the complicated process of scoring to picture. “Everything makes sense, sounds beautiful, and just works, all of the time, every time,” said Curtis.

The Bridge Recording is part of a greater ecosystem of the recording arts in Hollywood. Curtis continued, “Here, in addition to all of the major studio TV and Film scoring work, we host sessions for USC, among other universities, film scoring composers, student film projects, and independent films. We hope that by rubbing shoulders with established composers, engineers, contractors, and editors, students can more easily step into those roles when the time comes. And it has. Some of these talented students are now here scoring to picture for major network television and big studio films. This is the most gratifying aspect of the project.

“But it doesn’t stop there. We continue to develop and hone our techniques and equipment alongside the world’s best new technology and foremost practitioners. In doing so, we look at new products and developments nearly every day. One of the best, if not THE best new products to come along is TRIAD-ORBIT Advanced Microphone Stand Systems. At The Bridge, each day sees a new client with a completely new setup, usually for large orchestral sessions. That means dozens of microphones and mic stands going up and down on a daily basis. The old standard collection of microphone stands and adaptors was slowing us down,and the additional time involved in preventing errors and accidents due to that old technology was costing us time and money. We needed a simple, foolproof, robust way to reliably hang hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of microphones on a session, and the old way wasn’t cutting it. TRIAD-ORBIT’s integrated systems approach is everything we could have imagined and a lot more. We’ve invested in completely outfitting our entire room and our 120-plus microphones with T-O stands, booms and components. Our initial result is outstanding. Setup time is 25% less than before on the same sessions, and 100% reliable. This is nothing short of amazing! And the adjustability, reliability and operability are leagues beyond what we had before with the old industry standard."

“We are looking forward to a bright future of recording more of what the world listens to every day with our
TRIAD-ORBIT microphone stand systems.” - Greg Curtis, The Bridge Recording