November, 2015

Telling our Story, Building Our Brand

Last week’s 139th AES convention and trade show in NYC marks the second anniversary of the official launch of Triad-Orbit. Many of you comment that we devote too much attention to T-O activity at trade shows. Here’s why…

Participating annually in eleven industry trade shows around the world and our efforts to establish a global brand and product line tend to monopolize our time and attention. Where else could we introduce Triad-Orbit and build relationships with many of the world’s leading artists, producers, engineers, designers, integrators and manufacturers? Recognition and interest in Triad-Orbit is reaching critical mass and that’s a direct result of our relentless globetrotting and the bridges we’re building in the MI/Pro Audio industries and many more. So please excuse us if we drop more names. The list is getting longer.

New Product Preview

It’s a T-O tradition to show pre-production prototypes of next year’s new products at AES. Here’s the new crop for 2016:

IO-Vector™ Mic Bar / T-O’s new IO-Vector mic bar takes the concept of the stereo bar to a new dimension—literally. The IO-Vector adds 3-D positioning, true left-right imaging and quick-change coupling that eclipses the functionality of traditional stereo bars.

IO-D™ Desk / The IO-D device desk is Triad-Orbit’s take on ‘Cheese Plates’ used in photo/video applications. IO-D’s perforated aluminum desk and locking device clamps secure laptops, hard drives and media players of all shapes and sizes for quick mounting to T-O stand systems.

iOrbit™ /The next generation iOrbit is a universal holder/mount for smart phones and tablets of all makes, models and sizes. The new iOrbit also accommodates mobile phones and tablets equipped with protective covers. iOrbit still exhibits the unparalleled range of motion of the original models, thanks to its integrated Micro swivel, and is bundled with a T-O Retro IO-R™ quick-change coupler for universal adaptability.

T-O In Project Studios

Whether you make music or create content in a closet, spare bedroom, basement or a converted garage, you have a project studio (we used to call them ‘Home Studios”.) The common denominators in most project studios are a lack of budget and space. Triad-Orbit can help you on both counts.

Triad-Orbit makes premium, professional grade stands, booms and components and they do cost more in the short term than the plethora of commodity stands and hardware that currently liter the market. Purchasing Triad-Orbit stand systems is an investment while buying disposable ‘junk’ stands is a reoccurring expense. Those same lame stands will not safely support and position your mics and creative devices. Once you’ve lost a mic or a tablet to a lightweight stand tipping over, the true value of Triad-Orbit stand systems becomes apparent.

The morphing profile and modular design of Triad-Orbit make them the quintessential stands and support components for project studios. One basic T-O stand system (a stand, boom and mic adaptor) and a few additional components (iOrbit iPad holder, IO-C clamps, IO-W wall mountsetc.) will do the work of a trunk full of traditional stands in a fraction of your precious square footage.

Triad-Orbit was proud to sponsor of the Project Studio Expo at the 139th AES Show last week in New York City. Here’s a great way to upgrade you own project studio with this T-O rebate offer:

See Form for Details...

T-O At Photo Plus

Not another trade show! Yep. Triad-Orbit recently exhibited at the PhotoPlus Expo, one the largest Photo/video/Lighting shows in America. We’ve been telling you for over a year the T-O isn’t just for microphones anymore and now it’s official.

Triad-Orbit partnered with B&H Photo/Video at PhotoPlus to formally introduce our stand systems specifically adapted for photo, video and lighting applications. Needless to say, the photo/video market dwarfs the music products and pro audio industries and success there will only help us to grow the Triad-Orbit brand and expand our line of innovative, quality-driven stand systems.

Herschel, Marty,
and Team T-O