Micro 2™ / M2-R Retrofittable Orbital Mic Adaptor

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The MICRO M2-R orbital mic adaptor features the exclusive Compass Pointâ„¢ ball swivel housing that solidly securesmics in position for precise directionality. The short stem mounting arm is purpose-built to reduce setup timefor those who need precision microphone placement. M2-R and the other Retrofit Components are equipped withtraditional 5/8-inch threads for universal compatibility.

Package Includes:

  • M2-R Orbital Mic Adaptor
  • 5/8" female to 1/4" male (camera) adaptor
  • 5/8" female to 3/8" male adaptor
  • T-Knob (can be used in place of standard round knob)

Micro 2 adaptors quickly attach to T-O booms and stands with ease

All MICRO Orbital Mic Adaptors are IO-equipped, giving them quick-change compatibility with TRIAD MicStandsand ORBIT Booms. Rapid mic changes between recording sessions and live sets are a snap, thanks to theintegrated IO quick-change platform of TRIAD-ORBIT Advanced Mic Stand Systems.

Micro 2 swivels to almost any position allowing any mic position

The MICRO M2 Orbital Mic Adaptor features a short stem mounting arm purpose-built for microphones ofsmallerstature ranging from small diaphragm condensers to hand-held dynamics. The exclusive COMPASS POINT™ball swivel housing solidly secures mics in any mounting position. M2 Adaptors are IO-equipped forquick-change compatibility with TRIAD Microphone Stands and ORBIT Booms.

Micro 2 can be used to improve the function of any standard mic stand

Conventional mic stands can benefit from TRIAD-ORBIT quick-change innovation with the addition of MICROandIO Retrofit Components. Retrofitting conventional mic stands and boom arms with MICRO-R and IO-Raftermarketcomponents provides an instant upgrade in functionality. MICRO and IO Retrofit Components are equippedwithtraditional 5/8-inch threads for universal compatibility.