Micro 1™ M1-R / Retrofittable Hanging Mic Adaptor

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The MICRO 1 / M1-R Retrofittable Mic Adaptor features a long stem ball swivel to accommodate the hanging of large diaphragmstudio microphones with 'spider' shock mounts. The long stem provides the necessary clearance to position theshock mount below the boom. The patent-pending Glide Path™ housing facilitates both full orbital rotation and aconventional straight-line trajectory for on-axis use. M1-R and the other Retrofit Components are equipped withtraditional 5/8-inch threads for universal compatibility.

Package Includes:

  • M1-R Orbital Hanging Mic Adaptor
  • 5/8" female to 3/8" male adaptor
  • T-Knob (can be used in place of standard round knob)

Micro 1 adaptors allow for shock mounts

The MICRO M1 Orbital Mic Adaptor features a long stem mounting arm to accommodate studio microphonesrangingfrom small diaphragm ‘pencils’ to large diaphragm tube condensers. M1 Adaptors are IO-equipped forquick-change compatibility with TRIAD Stands and ORBIT Booms.

Micro 1 adaptors quickly connect and disconnect from Orbit booms

All MICRO Orbital Mic Adaptors are IO-equipped, giving them quick-change compatibility with TRIAD MicStandsand ORBIT Booms. Rapid mic changes between recording sessions and live sets are a snap, thanks to theintegrated IO quick-change platform of TRIAD-ORBIT Advanced Mic Stand Systems.

M1-R can be used on any stand or boom with 5/8 inch threads

Conventional mic stands can benefit from TRIAD-ORBIT quick-change innovation with the addition of MICROandIO Retrofit Components. Retrofitting conventional mic stands and boom arms with MICRO-R and IO-Raftermarketcomponents provides an instant upgrade in functionality.