Laptop Support System

Laptop Support System

IO‑Desk is a secure support platform for creative and industrial devices, including laptops, tablets, projectors, media players, hard drives and more. IO‑Desk features a sturdy 2 mm aluminum plate equipped with (180) 3/8" threaded mounting holes and the corresponding device fasteners. IO‑Desk mounts to both traditional 5/8‑27 mounting threads and Triad‑Orbit IO-equipped stands systems and components.

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IO‑Desk can be used with conventional mic stands as well as with Triad‑Orbit stands and booms.

IO‑Desk works with traditional 5/8 threads and includes a Triad‑Orbit IO‑H2 for quick-change operation. Once you’ve threaded the IO‑H2 into the base of the desk simply align the hex and press down. The quick-change coupler automatically locks in place. The IO‑H2 also includes a lock ring for proper alignment on non rotating stands.

IO‑Desk comes complete with everything you need to secure a variety of devices.

IO‑Desk system includes the following components: (1) IO‑H2 stainless steel Hex Mounting Head, (4) 3/8 in. threaded Security Studs, (4) threaded Security Fasteners, (4) threaded Strap Buttons, (4) Security Straps and (1) Security Shelf with 5/8 in. bolts and lock washers.

Additional IO-H5's can be inserted into your lights and modifiers. Just set it and forget it!

IO‑Desk includes four threaded 3/8" Security Studs and four silicone straps that can be used to secure your devices to the desk. Place your device as you intend to use it and position the studs to best secure the device. Place the silicone straps over the device and onto the studs with as much tension as you need.