Triad-Orbit iPad holder iOrbit 1

ORBIT iPad™ and iPhone™ Mounts

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ORBIT iPad™ and iPhone™ mounts connect the power of iOS music and A/V apps to TRIAD-ORBIT stands.

iORBIT incorporates our exclusive stainless steel ball swivel mechanism for an unparalleled range-of-motion along with the IO Quick-Change Coupler for instant connectivity to all TRIAD-ORBIT stands and booms and any conventional stands equipped the IO-R™ retrofit couplers. The result is rock-solid stability and precise positioning of iPads and iPhones for viewing text, recording audio and video or remote control of applications in any performance setting. iORBIT literally brings the world of iOS mobile computing to your fingertips.

iORBIT mounts feature spring-loaded frames that gently but securely capture tablets or phones for mounting and a camera cutaway for full-frame photos and video.

iOrbit 3Rubber inserts for ipad Air

iOrbit A.I.R.

iOrbit A.I.R. / Formfitting rubber insert adaptors for mounting the iPad Air* on iOrbit 1 pad holders.

Now shipping with iOrbit 1.

iOrbit 2™ & iOrbit 3™

iORBIT 2 Holds iPhone 4, 4s, 5, 5s.
iORBIT 3 is Purpose-built for the iPad Mini*

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*iPad Mini and iPad Air are trademarks of Apple Inc.

T-O Go Carrier Bags

T-O Go™ Carrier Bags

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The world's finest mic stands deserve to travel in style. T-O GO are carrier bags specially designed to store and transport TRIAD-ORBIT Stand Systems. The TGB-1 is a wheeled bag designed to carry two T-O Stand systems with style and grace. The TGB-2 features a sturdy 600-Denier PVC exterior and a plush padded interior equipped with tie-down straps and bumper pads to secure a single T-O System during transport.

Triad-Orbit Grav Bags Ballast Bags

GB-3 Grav Bags™ Ballast Bags

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TRIAD-ORBIT Grav Bags are unique weighted 'shot bags' that can be used individually (3.3 lbs) as 'booties' on leg ends or combined (10 lbs) as center weight to stabilize mic stands in heavy traffic areas or precarious positions.

Triad-Orbit T-ES Elevator Shaft Stand Extension

T-ES Elevator Shaft™ Stand Extension

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T-ES is a 33-in. extension for TRIAD stands. Equipped with IO Quick-Change Couplers, the T-ES is designed to elevate microphones for choral and orchestral applications, ambient recording, wireless transmitter antennas, etc.


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IO-A1A is an aluminum short IO telescopic boom arm. Range: 9.5” to 12.7”

IO-A1A is a short aluminum arm with less weight than our traditional steel arms


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IO-A2A is an aluminum Long telescopic IO boom arm. Range: 15.5” to 24.8”

IO-A2A is a long aluminum arm with less weight than our traditional steel arms

TC Casters are now available separately from the stand

Triad TC™ Casters

Triad TC™ Casters are industrial grade dual-locking studio casters.Available as a set of three and compatible with all current T3 stands.

Buy NowTC attach to the T3 stand to create a studio roller